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  • Chronic Renal Failure, Post Renal Transplant

    Mrs. G, a 24 year old female diagnosed Chronic Renal failure secondary to hypertension. She underwent renal transplant but unfortunately failed and rejection occur. She is on regular hemodialysis 3x a week and she is on immunosuppressive medication We gave her Aralight treatment. We targeted her kidneys, pineal gland which is responsible for Blood pressure and put her in oxygen inhalation 2 liters per minute via nasal cannula. Initial vital signs: BP: 160/90, afebrile, PR: 100. After 40 minutes of treatment, her blood pressure was 133/100, her blood pressure after 3 days of 40 minute treatment was maintaining 130/90 and pulse rate was ranging 90-120 bpm. On the 5th day of her treatment, she reported that she urinated 6x which is unusual because she urinates 4x a day. Her doctor decided to repeat her blood works because there is a possibility to decrease her hemodialysis session to 2x a week. Creatinine before was 760 and it downs to 401.

  • Pain in Abdominal muscle secondary to Sports injury

    Mr. A, a cricket player of UAE national team was complaining of pain in his left hypochondriac region during playing cricket. He underwent physiotherapy for 3 weeks. He already completed his medication and there is no improvement because the pain occurs during playing cricket. Initial assessment was done. There was a muscle tenderness and rigidity on the affected area. He’s not complaining of pain upon palpation, no swelling or signs of infection. He started to have a treatment with our Aralight Machine. We gave him 2 sessions per day. On the second day of his treatment, the muscle tenderness and rigidity was lessen 30 % compare from initial assessment. After 3 days, he started to play cricket he stated that there was pain still, but a bit and tolerable. On 7th day of his treatment, during the examination, there is no longer tenderness and rigidity felt in his affected area during palpation. The patient started to play cricket again and tolerated the game.

  • Pain Management

    Mrs. R, a staff nurse in a hospital was complaining of right shoulder pain due to her repetitive job. We started 1 session of Aralight treatment three times a week. After the 3rd day, she said that the shoulder pain was lessen. Pain scale was 5/10. We gave her 2 sessions per day. After the 5th day she’s not experiencing shoulder pain.

  • Blood Pressure Management for Hypotension

    There are factors affecting blood pressure. This case of a female who was hypotensive due to lack of sleep. Assessment was done. Initial vital signs: BP- 88/58, pale, complaining of dizziness and difficulty to fell asleep for weeks. Then she started to do AraLight treatment. We targeted the pineal gland for her blood pressure and her brainstem for relaxation. We gave her 2 sessions per day 3 x a week. During the therapy sessions, the patient was asleep. Blood pressure after her first treatment was 90/60. Third day of her treatment she was verbalizing of good sleep. Her blood pressure was 100/60

  • Left Inguinal Pain

    Mr. A was complaining of left inguinal pain radiating to his left testicular area. Assessment was done. Pain scale was 6/10. We started AraLight treatment and did 2 sessions per day 3 x a week. During the treatment the patient felt warm sensation which made him feel better. After the 3rd day, the patient was verbalizing of pain scale of 1/10. Suggested to patient to continue the treatment.

  • Osteoarthritis

    Mr. M a 60 year old was diagnosed for Rheumatoid arthritis for long period of time. Then we started to do AraLight treatment for his hands and for his immune system. We did 1 session 3x a week. We targeted his immune system and hands. Throughout the treatment he felt warm which a good feeling was. The numbness was lessen. We did 7 sessions. We strongly suggested to him to continue the treatment because it will take time.

  • Chronic Prostatitis

    Mr. G was diagnosed chronic prostatitis. He was verbalizing of pain in inguinal area radiating to testicular area pain scale of 8/10. There is burning sensation during urination He was afebrile. We started the AraLight treatment and targeted his pubic area down to his testicular area. The patient felt warm. He felt relaxed during the treatment. The patient cannot verbalized any progress in the first treatment. After the second day of treatment, the patient was verbalizing that the pain was lessen down to 5/10, the burning sensation was lessen unlike before. We suggested to continue his treatment.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Mrs. E, a professor in Sharjah University was complaining of pain, numbness and paresthesia in her hands for a long time and diagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, one of the common illness of women which one of the cause is by repetitive hand task, . She’s taken some medications but still she felt no difference until we introduced to her the AraLight treatment. We targeted her immune system at her hands. We done 2 sessions per day 3 x a week for 8 days. She felt difference at her 3rd day of treatment. She verbalized that the pain, numbness and paresthesia of her hands was lessen. On the 6th day of treatment she verbalized that her condition was improving 60%. So we recommended to have more treatment sessions. She verbalized that the warmth feeling of her hands which is the effect of AraLight machine made her feel better.

  • Infected Left Post AV Fistula Site Insertion

    Mr. M. F. has a known case of chronic renal failure and is on hemodialysis. He’s on medication Clavulanic Amoxicillin tablet 1 gram every 12 hours for 7 days. Assessment was done. Patient’s initial vital signs: BP: 140/100 bpm, pulse rate: 90 bpm, afebrile. The patient was also complaining of lack of sleep. He has a temporary catheter access for hemodialysis on his right upper chest area. The Left Post AV fistula site insertion has signs of infections such as redness, swelling, pain and tenderness. There was also a noted swelling of Lymph nodes in submandibular area upon palpation. We started his AraLight treatment. We did AraLight treatment and targeted his brainstem, the submandibular area, and the post AV Fistula catheter insertion site area. We did 1 session for each area per day 3 times a week. After 6 days, the patient felt relaxed and better throughout the treatment session, the pain lessen. The patient’s blood pressure normalize maintaining 110/80 – 120/80. Strongly recommended to continue the treatment.

  • Blood Pressure Regulation for Chronic Renal Failure patient

    Mr. K, has a known Chronic Renal Failure secondary to hypertension. He’s on regularly hemodialysis scheduled 3 x a week. His initial vital signs: BP: 180/ 80, Afebrile, pulse rate: 73. We did AraLight treatment and targeted his pineal gland and his immune system. Put oxygenation 2 liters per minute via nasal cannula. After series of treatment, the blood pressure starts to normalize before 160/20 now its140/70. The patient’s sleeping pattern was getting better. And recommended to patient to continue treatment.

  • Diabetes Mellitus of Chronic Renal Failure

    Mr. H, has a known case of Chronic Renal Failure. He underwent renal transplantation 10 months ago. His blood pressure is controlled by hypertensive drugs and has insulin injection maintenance at night. He suffers from Diabetes Mellitus and Bronchial Asthma. Initial Vital signs: Blood pressure: 110/80, pulse rate: 72 bpm, oxygen saturation: 100%, afebrile, conscious and coherent, lethargic. Initial capillary blood glucose: critically high. We did AraLight treatment 2 sessions per day for 3 consecutive days. On the first day of treatment, after 2 sessions, Blood Sugar downs to 461 mg/dl from critically high. Second day, Initial blood sugar critically high, BP: 110/70; HR: 90 bpm Oxygen saturation 100%. Patient was verbalizing he was starting to feel better after the last session. After the 2 treatment sessions, blood sugar downs to 464. Third day, initial blood sugar was 456 mg/dl, BP: 110/80. Patient was observed energetic and verbalizing of feeling better. After the 2 sessions his blood sugar downs to 439 mg/dl. Therefore we strongly recommended to the patient to continue the AraLight treatment.

  • Chronic Prostatitis And Hormonal Imbalance

    Mr. M.A a referred patient, was diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis, Primary Infertility. Assessment and diagnostic procedures were done. There were noted hormonal imbalance in laboratory results. The patient was complaining of burning sensation upon urination, less frequency and urine output. We did AraLight treatment 2 sessions per day 3x a week for 10 days. After the first treatment day he starting to feel better. After the 3rd day treatment, the patient was verbalizing his urine volume and frequency increased but the burning sensation upon urination was still there. After 7th day of his treatment, He verbalized of less feeling of burning sensation upon urination. And after his 10th day of treatment he still feel less burning sensation, his urine output and frequency was increased. Suggested for evaluation of his condition for further management.

  • Pain Management

    Mrs. M was complaining of neck pain extended at the back and Diagnosed with sciatica. After assessment, we started her AraLight treatment. We gave her 2 sessions per day. After 3 days, she felt the pain was lessen. We encouraged her to continue her treatment.